Your campaign will gain momentum by being in solution oriented action. In a tunnel your vision is sharply constricted. Tunnel vision if you will. However, as you move towards the opening, your vision becomes broader until you reach the opening; at which point you have maximum peripheral vision

The movement towards Field Awareness is an active state that involves both dialogue and action.

Power and Strength

The Action Tunnel chronicles the developmental stages we all go through growing up. This maturation is not uniform in our lives. Passionate areas of my life are likely to involve a more aware state than areas where I experience resentment.

Field insensitive and field dependance are power positions. Both are rooted in need for control. Roles are found here: someone is dominant (control over others) and someone is submissive (victim), giving or taking orders. As hard as it may seem to believe the victim does willingly engage in a dance around control with the dominator.

Victim generally show up two ways: willing and unwilling. The willing victim is looking to be taken care of; they are entitled. The unwilling one resents the control, yet chooses not to take effective action. Frequently, they are rebellious, prone to acting out, and wanting to dominate. Manipulation and hidden agenda is common here.

The good news about the later state is: moving towards solution based action will move you into self control. Being aware of my intent when I speak is a good way to move out of power into strength. Strength is a place without roles. No one is submissive or dominating in this place. From this place I am the effect, not at affect. My voice is heard when I speak. That is why all of my speaking involves solution: I want to effect the outcome in a positive way; get things cleaned up.

FIELD INSENSITIVE individuals tend to see people as objects to be manipulated. This is a reactive power state.

When I am in this state I:

  • Tend to act out.
  • Blame without offering solution.
  • Revert to my “terrible twos”.

Curiosity is a good way to address this issue.

FIELD DEPENDENCE is a passive power state associated with inaction. This leads me to speak in reaction to problems. If not addressed, this will lead to confusion at the podium.

When I am in this state I:

  • Discount my ability.
  • Tend wait for others to take action.
  • Act like a seventh grader at my first dance, waiting for someone to ask me.

Getting involved is a way to address this issue.

FIELD AWARENESS is an active and engaged state. I am able to see the issues and I am able to create connection with what I am sharing; this is an adult place – self control. It is strength oriented. I am aware of my boundaries and those of others. I am able to see a much bigger picture of what is going on around me and take appropriate action.

When I am in this state I:

  • See the issues and solutions clearly.
  • Engage for the purpose of fixing the problem.

IMMATURE vs ADULT behavior is what distinguishes these three different states. Offering solution, moves a person out of the young / adolescent power stage into the adult phase of strength – field aware. This state is compelling to audiences because I make a choice to stand forth and be an adult by offering solutions. I believe your audience will likely be more attracted to an adult behavior.