Burien Today

The Council and new City Manager are actively seeking Community input on a variety of fronts. A few examples are: Council meetings have more public input. Each individual Business item is now open for Public Comment. Residents are responding and taking the time to speak. The City has also provided a means for the Public to provide input directly through its website.


Home values are rising. Single and multifamily construction is quickly consuming the last undeveloped property. Sizable portions of Burien were recently rezoned for redevelopment. This will alleviate land scarcity and lead to increased home building and job creation.

The Puget Sound region is becoming “Pugetropolis” as people continue to move inward to the Cities from the suburbs. During the next decade, upwards of a thousand new Townhouse style residences will be built in Burien. This densification dovetails with redevelopment already underway in Seattle and the surrounding Cities.

The new homeowners will bring enormous amounts of disposable (85K+) income into the City's expanding business corridors. Commercial nodes have already been zoned into these redevelopment areas. The neighborhoods are now a symbiotic part of City's business development. Jobs and opportunities will be created in the process.


For the first time in 20 years, Burien hired a business development facilitator to get Community feedback. Many people showed up to this four hour meeting, and over half of them spoke. The facilitator asked many questions. A few of them were: what priorities did people want the Council to focus on?, what did they see as business impediments?, how to best retain existing businesses?, and what new types of new businesses did the Community want? Significant time was devoted to each topic. The results of the meeting were posted on the City website.

The Council is now assimilating the data into its strategic plan. The City will be hiring a business development manager to implement the directives.

City Attorney / Interim City Manager Retires

He gave a candid interview that covered his tenure and his observations of the past, present and future of Burien. He was instrumental in cleaning up the blights in Burien and seeing to it that they did not return. I believe many of his actions laid the foundation for the transformation that is now occurring in Burien.