The Campaign

My campaign was laid out like a novel with each presentation being a chapter. There were 11 speaking presentations and 4 written ones. I made the story richer by building on the preceding presentation to move the story forward.

There were also numerous events leading up to speaking and many serendipitous events that occurred between presentations. I have interwoven them chronologically so that you can see how easy it is create a conversation for change. Like a book; there is a beginning, a middle and a conclusion.


I am giving an overview of the problem and what is too come in this phase.

10-15-12 I contacted the Highline Times about Burien cleaning up Bank owned properties at taxpayer expense. I was concerned about the City taking on another annexation without satisfactorily completing the one that encompassed my neighborhood. The story also mentioned the other Bank properties that were abandoned and overgrown with brush. Story was published October 26, 2012..

11-05-12 There was no action on the City's part to get these houses cleaned up. I decided to hire a bankruptcy attorney to do research into the Chase Bank house based on new data from the Highline Times story.

FIRST SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 03-04-13 The Chase House presentation used information from Highline Times story plus documents and information from my attorney. I asked for a due diligence report into this matter.

03-05-13 I filed a Public Records Request with the City to acquire copies of the documents related to the cleanup of the Chase house.

SECOND SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 03-18-13 I showed the City losing 208 million dollars more than the surrounding communities. I asked for the full implementation of the Municipal Code to stop these losses.

03-28-13 I forwarded the Public Records Request information from Burien with the bankruptcy file on the Chase house to the State Auditor's Office. These documents showed an illegal use of City funds. I asked the Auditor to investigate.

THIRD SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 04-01-13 I chronicled a pattern of systemic failures on the part of the Council and City Manager that caused the City to slip into decline. I asked the Council to not seek reelection.

I laid out the specifics of poor governance in this phase including offering solution.

FOURTH SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 04-15-13 I showed that the City Manager continues to ignore Council Policies and State Law concerning budgeting. This is also where the City began engagement on my first two presentations. I realized I had failed to provide a Judge's signature on one of the Bankruptcy documents. I committed to emailing it the next day.

04-16-13 I forwarded the letter that I sent to the State Auditor's Office to the Council. This letter contains the missing Court document plus a note that outlined my hopes for a better Burien.

04-22-13 City Manager's Report is read into the Public Record.

05-01-13 Uploaded the Clean Up Burien website and started my Button Campaign in the B-Town Blog to reach a wider audience.

FIFTH SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 05-06-13 Acknowledged the City Manager's Report and showed the cost of inaction using data from the Assessor's Office. This is where I started providing written proposals to turn the City around. I showed how the 40 hour abatement plan worked without raising new taxes.

FIRST WRITTEN PRESENTATION: 05-20-13 I showed how to get the Banks out the foreclosure business in Burien. I also demonstrated how fixing one problem also fixes others. I have begun showing how the business community's poor sales were related to the neighborhoods decline.

SIXTH SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 06-03-13 I asked the Council to start the search for a new City Manager. I documented willful refusal on the part of the City Manager to follow State law as a basis for this request. I broadened my campaign to include other troubled areas in Burien. I showed how these areas are affected by City Manager inaction.

SECOND WRITTEN PRESENTATION: 06-13-13 City Manager announced his departure. I urge patience in searching for a new City Manager. I made a request for an interim City Manager so that the new Council would select this individual.

SEVENTH SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 06-17-13 I thanked the City Manager for getting the abandoned Bank REO's cleaned up.

EIGTH SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 07-01-13 I proposed auditing the City Manager's office so that the new City Manager and Council would know what was happening.

THIRD WRITTEN PRESENTATION: 07-15-13 Time to regulate Slum Lord dwellings was the last of my presentations dealing with blighting issues. I provided a detailed solution to the problem.

07-24-13 City Manager departs.



My campaign is now focused exclusively on solution.

07-25-13 Asked people to vote for change in the Primaries.

NINTH SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 08-19-13 The 6 Questions is where I dropped the dagger and engaged the Council. This presentation showed how knowing what is going on in the community would enable Burien to hire the best City Manager possible.

TENTH SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 09-16-13 This presentation showed how Burien's Vision Statement can be used to engage the Community and in doing so attract a great City Manager.

ELEVENTH SPEAKING PRESENTATION: 10-06-13 Again I use portions of Burien's Vision Statement Good Governance and Sound Planning. I showed the downside if these Statements are not implemented. I asked that the City Manager candidates be able to document their implementation of their previous City's Vision Statement.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 10-15-13 I asked for a change in direction of the City by changing the composition of the City Council.