According to the King County Assessor's office, Burien home values lost $200 million more last year than our surrounding communities. Our neighborhoods are being overrun by lawless banks and slumlords. Every day, Burien employees and Council Members drive by these abandoned bank owned houses and slumlords dwellings and do nothing. These houses do more than blight our neighborhoods:

  • They drive our home values down.
  • They destroy our quality of life.


The City Council is aware of the issue, yet continue to pay the City Manager $14,000 per month to not enforce the Burien Municipal Code with these banks and slumlords.

Burien is now at a crossroad. I call on the Candidates who will be running to speak to these issues:

  • Who should be the City Manager?
  • Should banks and slumlords continue to be exempt from code enforcement?
  • Should Council members who do not show up be able to stop the voting on important City business?
  • Should abatement laws be passed that the City has no intention of enforcing?
  • Should the City follow its abatement laws on its own property and right of away?


    The  $200 million loss in net worth our community has suffered is staggering. These losses affect the quality of our life, our opportunities to get ahead, education funding, etc. Between now and November I will be speaking to the Council on these issues.

    Turning this situation around is straightforward:

  • Find out where the candidates stand on these issues.
  • Email the City Council to let them know what you think.  It goes in the Public Record.
  • Write letters to the editor. Post on the Blogs.
  • Talk to your neighbors about your experiences with Burien and the issues I am bringing to the City Council.
  • When you find a candidate that meets what you are looking for, call them and ask them for a yard sign so everybody knows you support positive change in Burien.
  • Most importantly, vote in both the primary election on August 6th and the general election on November 5th.


    98% of the homeowners in Burien are already actively working to make our City better.  What we need is a City Council who will support our efforts by watching our backs against these lawless banks and slumlords.


    Follow the papers, follow the blogs, and most importantly follow your gut. We can make Burien a city we can be proud to call our own.


    The time for change is at hand.