The Issues

October 7th, 2013


This spring I will turn 62. In the next 10 years one in four Burien residents will be at retirement age or older. Many of us have watched our 401k's evaporate and even Social Security is on shaky ground.

Burien's Vision Statement contains two important elements to help both the Seniors and the City itself:

  • Good governance.
  • Planning for the future.

Good governance makes all things possible. Our City will become more desirable and our home values will improve. This increase in our net worth will allow us Seniors to meet our retirement needs while still contributing to Burien's economic well being.

Burien's median household income is $48K per year. Seniors receiving less than $35K annually may legally avoid having to pay property taxes. This is where planning for the future is critical, because unless wealth is actively created here in Burien, there will be decades of reduced revenue that will debilitate the City.

I believe that every candidate for City Manager should be able to document their achievements in implementing their previous City's Vision Statement.

In Burien, our home values provide the backbone of prosperity for:

  • Retirement
  • Education
  • All the decades in between.

The Council's final choice of City Manager will affect Burien for decades to come.