The Issues

March 4, 2013
City of Burien cleans up Chase owned foreclosed property at taxpayer expense.

Text of speech:
I hired a bankruptcy attorney to investigate the October 26th story in the Highline Times about the abandoned foreclosed houses. I believe I found evidence of mismanagement and misuse of City funds.

The public record shows Chase receiving free city cleanup at 11416 26th Ave. S. That was the house with 40 yards of garbage.

If you look at the overhead projector you will see Page 3 Section V of the bankruptcy filing. This is the section where the house was surrendered to Chase on March 25th 2010. That was 35 days before the dumping began and eight months before the City cleanup.

Instead of pursuing abatement action against Chase, the legal owner, the City Manager and City Attorney chose to cleanup the mess with City funds.

Since the City chose not to charge Chase, the legal owner, for the cleanup their property. I want to know what public accounts were charged for cleaning up Chase's legal obligation. How many thousands of dollars were involved. I want to know why things were done the way they were.

I respectfully request that a due diligence report into this matter, including recovery of these monies be entered into the public record by August 1st. Recovery efforts should evaluate action against Chase and if that is not an option, then the Council should contact your insurance carrier for recovery of lost City funds.