The Issues

April 15, 2013
$200 million dollars in lost property value last year was avoidable had Burien followed Washington State law.

Text of speech:

Washington State Law requires the City to submit Quarterly Report of Status to the City Council. To date not one submission has occurred.

These reports give a snapshot of how the City is doing in regards to its Budget assumptions.

The finance department would be responsible to give the City Council a quarterly report on shortfalls or surpluses in revenue and expenditures and why they were occurring.

These Quarterly Report of Status provide a high level of transparency to the City's financial dealings. Information that the Council does not want the public to know such as how much the White Center annexation really cost would be available to everyone. I believe this would lead to more thoughtful use of our public funds.

Budgets are the basis of sound planning. With planning we can reach our stated goals with certainty.

The new quarter has just started. Today Burien's job is to start compiling the data for the their upcoming presentation to the City Council as mandated by law.

RCW 35A.33.140

Funds Quarterly report of status.

At such intervals as may be required by city charter or ordinance, however, being not less than quarterly, the clerk shall submit to the city's legislative body and chief administrative officer a report showing the expenditures and liabilities against each separate budget appropriation incurred during the preceding reporting period and like information for the whole of the current fiscal year to the first day of the current reporting period together with the unexpended balance of each appropriation. The report shall also show the receipts from all sources.

[1967 ex.s. c 119 35A.33.140.]