The Issues

August 19th, 2013


We have two basic choices in this City Manager search that is before us:

  • We can accept whoever the recruiting firm suggests.
  • Or we can define what we want ourselves.

The second approach will require time, honesty and public input. The Council will have to spend several months listening to the homeowners and businesses in this town. This will will require the Council going out into the community to see what is really going on. There are no shortcuts to this kind of due diligence.

With this information the Council will be able to tell the recruiting firms about:

  • The condition of our neighborhoods and business district.
  • Where we want Burien to be in four years.
  • The support the Council will give the new City Manager in achieving these goals.
  • How they will define good faith effort on the part of the City Manager in implementing these goals.
  • How the City Manager is going to be objectively evaluated on the job performance.
  • What was learned from our past City Manager experience. Good and bad.

There are many people who specialize in turning organizations around. Burien is not beyond redemption. Our current situation is a great opportunity for a qualified candidate to make the changes we need.

I believe that a united Council will be able to answer all these questions and will attract a great City Manager that can turn this City around and make it a true jewel.

Tomorrow is not created by decisions made in the future, but rather by the decisions and choices we make today. The time for decision is at hand.