The Issues

September 16th, 2013


One of the greatest things the Council can do is hire a city manager who will collaborate with the community and the Council to turn the City’s Vision Statement into reality. There are several parts of the vision statement I’d like to cover:

  • Prosperity
  • Education
  • Collaboration

I believe that they are all intertwined:

Prosperity provides the parents the ability to to improve the Highline School District through school levies. It also enables them to assist their kids with college tuition.

Collaboration will be where all of us join to find ways to make things happen in this City instead of finding excuses why they aren’t possible. The wealth that will be created in this dynamic will be over a billion dollars in Burien alone. The possibilities from this kind of wealth creation will enable great things to happen for us, our schools, and our kids.

I believe that the Council can use the hiring of the new City Manager to begin the collaboration process. High performance candidates will be attracted to a City that is actively engaged with its residents. This kind of dynamic will enable us to spend time fixing problems and not just blaming.

Kids model their behavior after what they see. Its important to make sure the message we send is one of hope and possibility. Hope is without a doubt one of the most powerful emotions. It isn’t just words…its tangible actions that are congruent with the words that make hope such a potent force.

We can change the course of our City through the City Manager selection process. It will require a renewed focus on the part of the Council. The time for us to collaborate for a better Burien is now.