May 1, 2013
Advertising in a Digital World

I have uploaded my Clean Up Burien website. See the tab for Clean Up Burien. I am using button advertising in the B-Town Blog to connect my message to a wider audience. My campaign relies on branding and providing informative insights into why things are the way they are; and how to remedy them.

Digital advertising is cheap, compared with the column inch rates found in newspapers. One of the greatest advantage in this medium is in the click through to a greater wealth of information for my readers.



This is the same concept a business uses to get people interested in their products. It requires the message to be focused:

  • My brand message was: “What is the 200 Million Dollar Problem?”
  • I incorporate the “200 Million Dollar Problem” in my presentations until the change up at end of my campaign, in mid August.

I maintained my single issue focus with the Council and Blog, even though I had strong beliefs about other issues. I refrained from commenting on them.




One of the best values for under a $100, is a website. Keeping it visible amongst the billions of other websites is the challenge. To that end, I:

  • Kept it updated every two weeks with new presentations. If it isn't updated at least once a month it will be downgraded by the search engines at Google.
  • Use videos. Google is rather narcissistic, and gives higher search results to You Tube. That was where my videos were hosted.
  • Used a name that contains my City name in the URL. When I typed in my City name, I was always on page 1 with the City's website.
  • Links are another thing search engines rate favorably. My button ad had a link.


Button Advertising

Currently, there is a shortage of advertisers for all news outlets. Thus, advertising in blogs or electronic newspapers is remarkably inexpensive. To get an even better value; I paid upfront for the whole campaign – cash does talk.

All of my button ads directed the clicker to the Issues page which contained all of my presentations. My latest presentation was the one at the top, so the person did not have to navigate the site to find the information.




Button ads combined with websites are great for getting information out. That combination helped me articulate what was happening and how it could be remedied.