June 17, 2013

INTENT: To say thank you for cleaning up the Bank REO's in Burien

Driving around, I noticed all of the houses I have been talking about are cleaned up. I choose to speak. This is my shortest presentation, I will not be using notes. I will just share my observations and say thank you.

“Thank you” is one of the least used phrases in the English language. I asked the City to do a very challenging task, and they did it. Cleaning up these bank repos isn't just a problem here in my City, it is pervasive throughout the Country. Thanks to the City Manager, all of the houses I mentioned got cleaned up, by their Bank owners.



June 17, 2013

The information I gathered for this presentation was done by driving around. I noticed that all of the houses I had been discussing were cleaned up.

The things I discussed were personal observations from my neighborhood.
Being gracious is a great change up. Only use it if it is true.




Wealth creation in the neighborhoods is going to be what turns this Country around. The hundreds of billions of dollars in bank repos alone, represents just the tip of the iceberg of what is holding this country back. Correcting the other issues affecting your City will add even more to that sum. It will be government watching our back, at the local level, making this possible. Confidence in a better tomorrow starts with action today.


The Burien Solution

Burien's approach to dealing with these houses is a stark contrast with the rest of the Nation. Other Cities are suing the Banks, and now are waiting for their day in Court. I believe the allegations that these Cities have made are going to be problematic. Asserting racial bias is a difficult thing to prove in the absence of documenting evidence. Not only is it expensive; its uncertain. After all the appeals, any award will be dwarfed by the losses that the Cities endure during the litigation. Meanwhile, neighborhoods continue to flounder while time passes slowly away.

Instead of using the legal system, which is a version of the Drama Triangle, Burien just leaned on the Banks quietly and effectively. Burien got results in less than 3 months, not years, after I started speaking to the issue. This shows the reach of Municipal Code. Not even the Banks are beyond it.

The one thing about being gracious and saying thank you is it shows things can change. It instills hope in a better tomorrow, by showing what is happening today.