July 24, 2013

The final accomplishments of the City Manager should be a model for the rest of the country. Not only did the abandoned bank repos get cleaned up by the banks, but the graffiti that was so pervasive also was cleaned up. The latter at the insistence from the podium by another speaker.

Her speaking style is both powerful and effective. Her solution based strategy kept the focus on the City's involvement in the problem. Much of the graffiti was on the public right of way, which the City has absolute control over.

As of 2015, there have been no new abandoned bank repos, and graffiti is now hard to find anywhere in the City. The policies that were put in place during the closing months of the City Manager's employment have laid the groundwork for dealing successfully with some of the City's biggest blights.


Looking Forward

The two of us spoke repeatedly before the Council about issues we cared about. Both of us stayed away from the blame game and kept the focus on solution. It shows what can be accomplished by engaging power effectively and not “fighting City Hall”.

Below are her presentations before the City Council:



Clean Up Burien Website

I am pleased that I chose to design my original website to hold all of the various presentations. This website was available for viewing by the City Manager candidates as they did their due diligence research into the City.

This is also the time to keep in mind the expiration of your domain registration, so that it is visible for the new City Manager candidates. It will provide a perspective they might not otherwise be aware of when they are hired.