November 5, 2012

INTENT: To understand the legal aspects of foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Attorneys can be quite useful in explaining complex legal issues. They are able to explain in plain English what is going on. They can also provide a legal synopsis with the PDF files they send.

It is important to hire a specialist, as there are many distinct fields in the legal profession. Your attorney can provide detailed analysis that will bring clarity to any situation. I hired a bankruptcy attorney to research the Chase house. My cost for information on that house was $167, which included a legal synopsis of the documentation that was researched.

After the first batch of information arrived, I realized the answers also raised more questions. By the time I finished my campaign, my legal costs were just under $700.

Here is a synopsis of what I learned from the bankruptcy attorneys on foreclosure and ownership responsibility:

  • The house was surrendered to Chase 35 days prior to the garbage being dumped.
  • When the house was surrendered, it was removed from the Bankruptcy process.
  • Property tax liens for cleaning up property cannot be discharged through foreclosure. Its a Statutory Lien.
  • The lien is put on the property, not the owner.
  • When the bank makes payment for the property tax, the lien is paid. It is part of the property tax bill.
  • A property tax lien will carry an interest penalty.
  • Property tax liens have a higher priority than the mortgagor's interest.
  • Chase was responsible to pay the property tax lien or it would lose the house.
  • Chase had right of entry when the house was surrendered.

An attorney will be able to discuss the specific issues confronting you and your city. The confidence you will have in your material will make your case even stronger for facilitating needed change. Specialist attorneys have access to the databases that will make it quite inexpensive to get documents and answers.