July 25, 2013

INTENT: Asking the Voters to begin the change now by voting

Burien shares a common denominator with cities that are in decline – low voter turnout. Each person who votes in a city like this has a disproportionately greater say in the direction of the community.

I am using my Clean Up Burien campaign to encourage people to take a stand on the direction they want the city to go. I am asking people to talk to their neighbors and then vote. Unlike 2009, 12 candidates are now running for 4 seats vs 5 people running for 4 seats previously. I am not endorsing candidates, I am endorsing a change in direction of the City.

In the ad, I am also beginning my change up to point out what is possible through the act of voting. People have the opportunity to pair up the candidates that will better represent them.



July 25, 2013
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We don't have to wait until November to change the direction of Burien. The August 6th primary gives us an opportunity to change the pairing of who is running for the City Council this November. The most pressing job before the new Council will be selecting a new City Manager and tasking him or her with a new direction for the City. The current Council has given us the results we see all around us. Without a change in the Council, we can expect more of the same. We should seize this moment, by taking the time to vote for change on August 6th.

All the candidates are underfunded. A $15,000 campaign (which is large in Burien) works out to less than seventy cents per voter. It is not possible to run a campaign that calls on all neighborhoods with that amount of money. That is why the candidates concentrate on just a few critical areas to get the votes necessary to win. When that happens, we all lose. Incumbents have a name recognition advantage that stifles newcomers with good ideas. We can counter that problem by talking to our neighbors about why our favorite candidates will represent us better than others.

Everybody's vote counts, especially in low turnout races. Burien averages a 30% turnout in the primaries. Remember, Gregoire vs Rossi was decided by just 10 votes in 2004.

If I talk to:

  • One neighbor I can change an election.
  • Two neighbors I can create a landslide.

I am asking for your support to create a landslide here in Burien. Talking with your neighbors about which candidates will best lead us forward will make the August 6th primary a turning point for Burien.

The two winning candidates from the primary will have the opportunity to articulate their vision of a vibrant and prosperous Burien, where all the neighborhoods and the business community alike will prosper.

Please ask your neighbors to take the time to vote with you on August 6th. The future course of our City is in your hands.

Dick West



July 25, 2013

The information on voter turnout can be found in your County's election office.

The dollar amount for past campaigns can be found in the Public Disclosure Commission in your State. This information is available online.

Close elections happen everywhere. Everybody's vote counts. I am sure your area has had close elections too. I mentioned the Governor's race in my State that was separated by 10 votes. The media and local election office is a great place to look for the statistics.

Time for a new Council and direction of the City




Each vote carries a disproportionate weight in a low turn out election. Frequently there are surprises. In Burien there is a split, in each race there will be one candidate for annexation and one opposed to annexation. Another surprising result happened in Sea-Tac, which shares a border with Burien.

The $15 minimum wage was approved by just 77 votes in a low turnout election. Each person who voted did make a difference to their economic well being – every vote does count. This election has created a conversation that is now happening across the Country

I too want a conversation about City Hall's tolerance policies that are costing this Country hundreds of billions of dollars. This isn't about income redistribution. Its about repatriation of our net worth and effective boundaries with monied interests.

This turn of events will allow me to wrap up my presentations later this fall by circling back to one of my original themes. The Pen Commandments by Steven Frank shares extensively into writing conclusions.

Both writing and speaking are about communication. Writing effectively will enable you to speak effectively and layout the story of what is going on in your City – including an effective conclusion.