March 5, 2013
Public Records Request

INTENT: To see the actual documents behind the Chase cleanup and use them to facilitate getting the rest of the Bank REO's cleaned up.

A Public Records Request is the way to access City information. I used this to get to the bottom of the Chase house issue.

One of the advantages of using the Public Records Request is you will have a copy of the actual documents. They can bolster your case when they are integrated into your campaign. I kept my request focused on a few key documents.

If your request is to broad you should expect:

  • Delays in getting information.
  • Paying for documents you don't need.

I made an error in my request. I'll share more on how to avoid this in a moment.

The information I requested from the City was:

  • Waste Management Invoice for 40 yard dumpster and disposal fee for cleanup at 11416 26th Ave. S. during the week before thanksgiving in 2010.
  • Journal Entry in Burien City books for the Waste Management Invoice above.
  • Please include account charged to.
  • Number of individuals at the cleanup site at 11416 26th Ave. S. Please include Burien employees and contractors if they were used.
  • Journal entry into Burien City books for employees and contractor who performed the clean up at 11416 26th Ave. S.
  • Please include account charged to.
  • Please include a copy of the description in the Chart of Accounts that tells what the money is being charged to for the above Journal Entries.
  • Copy of the “Limited Right of Entry” referred to in the October 26, 2012 Highline story about abandoned foreclosed houses.

Asking for cumulative information, such as number of individuals, is not allowed by law. I can only ask for the documents, not the tallies.

I asked that the information be sent via email, allowing for easier distribution.